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Worship Service 8-25-2013 – Give Thanks Under All Circumstances

Our theme for the service today was ‘Give Thanks Under All Circumstances’.  The audio recordings uploaded include Pastor David Garnett’s super sermon of that same title.  Our church listened to his words last week, and this week’s sermon represents the next step in our journey together, seeking God’s path for each of us and as a church.

I also included the prayers of the people, which was led by Pastor David, but again, opened up to the congregation to say what they were each thankful for at our church.   It was very very moving.  I tried to boost the congregations part and I believe it got most of the people, although some were very far back in the church form where the recorder was located.  It was a lovely experience I hope that some of the presence of the Holy Spirit comes across in the recording to you as well.



Worship Service 8-18-2013

islands floating in the cloudsToday was one of the most beautiful and powerful services we have ever had at our church.  Listen to just a few of the audio tracks from August 18, 2013.  They include a hymn favorite, Kum Ba Yah, a children’s sermon by Pastor Garnett which is guaranteed to bring you to tears, a spiritual anthem played by Janice Owen and sung by our own Chris Romeo, and a powerful sermon about loss, by Pastor Garnett.



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Worship Service – Sunday August 4 2013

“Do not say, “Why were the former days better than these?” For it is not from wisdom that you ask this.     Ecclesiates 7:10

art_in_worship_2012-07-22_11-38-45_420These are recordings of  a few songs, prayers, and the sermon from a regular Sunday worship service at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

The highlights of the service are probably the special duet, sung by Chris Romeo, Tenor and John Short, Bass.  It is entitled “God Will Make All Things Right” by G. Nevin.

The sermon, by Pastor Garnett, focuses in on our tendency to glorify the “good old days”.  Very thought provoking.


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