Ready or Not

Font and Pulpit

If temptation were like a lion roaring in the jungle, one might turn and run the other way. But temptation is more like a tiny snake, hiding among the path were one might walk, able to slip through the narrowest crack, then inject its poison before one might react. A thousand years or more ago… Continue reading Ready or Not


In the early 1980's Chrysler Corporation nearly went bankrupt their stock price had dropped from about $8 per share to under $2. Lee Iacocca, became their CEO and personally appeared in advertisements promising to rebuild Chrysler. I had considered buying a few hundred shares during those dark weeks for Chrysler, when bankruptcy seemed more certain… Continue reading Reflections

Anger: A Dangerous Emotion

Preparing for this Sunday's sermon I have seen pictures of angry people, angry dogs, angry cats, even angry birds. I suppose every animal with a spine can express anger. Anger makes us seem bigger and more powerful, ready to take on whoever or whatever has invaded our space. Anger helps us assert authority when we… Continue reading Anger: A Dangerous Emotion

One Calling

I find the process of boarding a plane perplexing. As soon as seating rows are called passengers dash for the head of the line, as if being a few steps closer might get them to their destination a few seconds sooner, or perhaps their carry-on items might find a better position in the overhead storage… Continue reading One Calling

Spiritual Gardening

Everywhere I have lived I we have had a garden. They have varied by where we live. In upstate New York we had planted crocuses beside our front walk as soon as the snow melted they would pop up and bloom announcing the coming of spring. In central Indiana two white pines we had planted… Continue reading Spiritual Gardening

Us and Them

I suppose people have always separated into factions: those like us versus those other people. The news media seems to relish showing differences between Republicans and Democrats, even highlighting rifts within each party. Is a particular candidate conservative enough or liberal enough to be true to their party? Or has a particular candidate’s remark gone too far, serving more… Continue reading Us and Them

Blessing All

Thank you for reading my blog this week. Your participation in our ministry by reading and occasionally telling me how my writings have affected your life and spiritual journey have been a real blessing to me. May God bless you and your life this day, so that you may grow stronger in our Lord Jesus.… Continue reading Blessing All