Kirkin’ o’ tha Tartans

For thousands of years tartans have reflected the preferences of particular weavers and the tastes of particular regions, and families who lived in those regions. Following the Dress Act of 1746, when the British government attempted to suppress wearing tartans,particular designs became associated with clans and bear the names of the clan. On January 31st,… Continue reading Kirkin’ o’ tha Tartans

God’s Mission Needs a Church

I found a box of letters from my father among my mother's possessions. I doubt she kept them for the quality of my father's prose nor for their content. None the less they were carefully stacked and most were tied with ribbons. My father had written them during his training and subsequent deployment to England… Continue reading God’s Mission Needs a Church

Serve the Good Wine

Should the changing of water into wine be called Mary's miracle? When the Mother of Jesus (John never refers to her as Mary) tells Jesus that their host has run out of wine, he objects saying: “Woman, what concern is that to you and to me? My hour has not yet come.” But she ignores his objection,… Continue reading Serve the Good Wine