Garden Work

I am tempted to title this week's sermon "Bovine Manure" for that is the value we might give to presumptions that particular casualties, disasters, accidents, diseases, … reflect God's wrath and judgement against a particular group of sinners. He asked them, “Do you think that because these Galileans suffered in this way they were worse sinners… Continue reading Garden Work

Prayer as Comminication

Talking to God is widely accepted as normal. As a pastor I am regularly asked to pray in public giving thanks for the food and beseeching God on behalf of those present for better tomorrows. Even listening to God is also generally acceptable. Many people, Christians and others, are practicing some form of regular silent… Continue reading Prayer as Comminication

Believing Is Seeing God

I often want to thank people for inviting me to visit them in the hospital or when a family member has died. For during these times of crises, when families invite me into those times of spiritual richness, I get to experience the presence of God. I often leave such experiences praising God, thinking that… Continue reading Believing Is Seeing God