Summer Nights: Starting with the sky

At our first Summer Night for middle school  youth, we explored creation Starting with the sky.  We remembered the Bible story of creation and how God proclaimed, at each step, that creation was Good!  We took time to become still and sense creation around us.  We learned the science of our atmosphere.saw how birds, the… Continue reading Summer Nights: Starting with the sky


We can freely choose to gather on Sunday morning to worship the living Christ because others have gone before us, with a vision of God's Kingdom, with singularity of purpose, with a clear message to share, and unafraid that some would protest against them. Their successes are worthy of celebration. Nevertheless, do not rejoice at… Continue reading Go!


Which demons haunt you? For many people mere mention of the word demons conjures images of faith healers, shamans, witch doctors, voodoo dolls, and devils all of which can prey on fictions and superstitions. Demons can also be understood as personifications of forces and ideas outside an individual's control or even the control of a community. Peer… Continue reading Change!?


When we make a mistake, our experiences tell us to expect consequences, punishment, or even retribution. Thus when we see someone else make a mistake we hope, if there is any justice in the world, that they too will experience commensurate consequences. Perhaps this is why preaching should be a humbling experience. Even twenty years… Continue reading Forgiveness

Summer Nights: Explore Creation

Movies, food, challenges, sharing, science, service, and fun. Fridays 6-9 June 24th: Starting with the sky July 8:  Water water everywhere July 22: Down and dirty, looking at land August 5:  Features creatures, animals and people share the earth For 5th through 8th graders. Please register with Susan Sampson.