The Skirl – September 2016

The September 2016 issue of The Skirl, our monthly newsletter, includes: Explaining our mission to the world. Cookbook tasting luncheon: We submitted over 125 recipes. But what do they really taste like? Bring yours. Taste mine. Introducing our newest members: the Moore family. Photographs from our Talent Show and  Ice Cream social. Do you know… Continue reading The Skirl – September 2016

God’s Table

I have a fantasy that someone extremely famous, either widely popular or perhaps controversial, would choose to worship with us. The mere mention of their presence would draw hundreds of people, filling our sanctuary to standing room only. Even on Sundays when this personality could not be in attendance, people would continue to visit just to sit in… Continue reading God’s Table

Enough Excuses! Speak!

When did God first know you? You might recall a day when you first recognized and welcomed God's presence in your life. But the more important question is when did God first recognize your place and importance in the whole of creation? The LORD had a very specific answer for the prophet Jeremiah: “Before I… Continue reading Enough Excuses! Speak!

What Time Is It?

Discussing religion can be as divisive as politics. Consider church fights over how to celebrate Christmas or Easter or who to elect as Elder and ministers. People on both sides of such fights, in other situations demonstrate inspiring faith, yet in the midst of conflict might hurl thoughtless insults rather than prayers for peace and unity in Christ.… Continue reading What Time Is It?

King and Kingdom

Some people call the table in the front of the church an altar. In ancient Israel the blood of a freshly slaughtered bull would be sprinkled on the altar as a means of atoning for the sins of individuals and communities, so they might again become one with God. Sacrifices were also viewed as necessary to satisfy… Continue reading King and Kingdom

August Issue of the Skirl

This month in our monthly newsletter, The Skirl: Photographs from celebrating Janice Owen's 50th anniversary as our organist ! Don't miss Bingo, Pancake Breakfast, Rally Day, Talent Show. Church Photo Directory coming soon Vacation Bible School photographs. Prayer lists Read about our new members. Robert’s Ramblings Click here to read The Skirl for August 2016