October Skirl

In this month's issue of The Skirl read about: Robert's Musings on the strange sacrament we call communion. Plans for our upcoming Community BBQ and Oktoberfest picnic. Prayer requests for those dear to us. A word from the Endowment Committee. Results from our cookbook dinner and visioning. Thank you notes from the Session. Our events… Continue reading October Skirl

Treasured Words

I frequently meet people who have convinced themselves that they do not need church, that their faith is strong enough, that they can and will regularly pray, study the Bible, and act righteously without the need for a fellowship of like minded believers. For new believers, this seems reasonable as they often exude a passion… Continue reading Treasured Words

Visioning Luncheon

If someone were to ask: “What makes Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church special?” how would we respond? After worship on Sunday, September 25th we shared our favorite appetizers and salads, our favorite entrees and vegetables, and our favorite desserts. During each course we held one part of a three stage conversation about our strengths, where those strengths… Continue reading Visioning Luncheon


Why five brothers? Parables, especially in the first century were a well developed art form. Each word used in a parable, especially in its original language, is carefully chosen to pack meaning into the fewest number of words to facilitate memorization and repetition. The parable of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:19-31) is no exception to this… Continue reading Five

Shrewd Stewardship

The Superbowl advertisements each year provide valuable lessons on capturing the attention of people in the world. Few advertisements tell about measurable qualities of the product being advertised. Some even neglect to show the actual product and merely mention the product's name. Many advertisements instead include absurdities: talking reptiles, cars that drive so fast that doors actually… Continue reading Shrewd Stewardship

Love Radically

I wonder if people who describe the United States as a Christian nation have read the Sermon on the Mount and thought about the implications for our legal system if we were to take this passage to heart. Currently, if you are harmed and you can show that the person who harmed you either did it… Continue reading Love Radically