November issue of The Skirl

Read in this month's edition of The Skirl: Robert's Ramblings about Reconciliation Thanksgiving celebration An Evening with Mac Frampton A message from the Endowment Committee TT Weekday School - what a great place to be a kid Consecration Sunday is coming! Calendar, prayers of the people, other interesting articles. Get your copy of The Skirl… Continue reading November issue of The Skirl

The End Is Near

The human brain is designed to focus on potential problems and dangers. In many circumstances focusing on what might go wrong can be very helpful, even lifesaving. However alerting too easily can have unintended consequences. First Responders see this when called to an accident. Passing drivers readily focus not on where they are going but on… Continue reading The End Is Near

Faith Keeping

Many people have a will, and those who have not written a will have a legal framework provided by the state the live in that will dispose of their assets and liabilities among their heirs. But far fewer people leave a Testament to their Faith to their children. At one time a will and testament were frequently one document:… Continue reading Faith Keeping


Life is like sailing a ship. Sometimes to get to your destination you need to change course, even back track, to avoid sandbars, to utilize prevailing winds, or to avoid heavy seas. When coming back from the Philippine Islands, our navigator had planned a great circle route directly to Seattle. But a storm arose putting our… Continue reading Authorities

Hear Mac Frampton in Concert

Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church presents An evening with Mac Frampton Playing everything from Gershwin to Billy Joel to J. S. Bach Learn more about this talented performer at 7:00 PM, Saturday, November 12th, 2016 Proceeds to benefit Trinity Café Trinity Cafe, a Tampa non-profit, restores a sense of dignity to the homeless & hungry… Continue reading Hear Mac Frampton in Concert

Chocolate Ice Cream Sodas

My father's favorite treat is under attack. Shortly after I turned 14 his cardiologist put him on a high fiber low fat diet. Chocolate ice cream sodas with zero fiber and gobs of fat did not make the cut. Fortunately his cardiologist also told him to cheat, to live a little, and thus make this… Continue reading Chocolate Ice Cream Sodas