If you are …

Powerful men stand boldly on the pages of history. Cities, universities, even Bibles are named for them: Pharaoh Ramses. Cesar Augustus. Emperor Constantine. King James. Chief Pontiac. John D. Rockefeller. James Buchanan Duke. Joseph Stalin. Thus when the Son of God steps onto the pages of history people might have expected greatness in the way of… Continue reading If you are …

Kirkin’ o’ tha Tartans

For thousands of years tartans have reflected the preferences of particular weavers and the tastes of particular regions, and families who lived in those regions. Following the Dress Act of 1746, when the British government attempted to suppress wearing tartans, particular designs became associated with clans and bear the names of the clan. On February… Continue reading Kirkin’ o’ tha Tartans


We taught our dog, Buddy, several of the usual commands: sit, stay, down, off, leave it, take it, roll over. But the most important command is focus. If when out for a walk I see something that might cause him to get unduly excited, I tell him to focus. Each time his eyes meet mine… Continue reading Focus!


"I can work with the people here," a city official had told me. He then compared the city where he currently worked with a previous city where people would take advantage of him and turn his offers of assistance into endless delays to avoid correcting violations. In the Sermon on the Mount as recorded in… Continue reading Hermenutics

February’s Newsletter – The Skirl

Read in this month’s edition of The Skirl: Robert’s Ramblings: Divine Reading Upcoming Kirkin' o tha Tartans Did you resolve to become involved? Weekday School doings and photos Faith Formation for Adults and Children Calendar, book club, prayers of the people, and other interesting articles. Click on this link to get your February 2017 issue of The Skirl at… Continue reading February’s Newsletter – The Skirl

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