The Skirl for April 2017

Get your copy of our monthly newsletter at the speed of light by clicking here! In this month's issue: Spirituality: Seeking to experience God, rather than merely learn about God. April book club selection One Great Hour of Sharing goal See what is hatching at our Weekday School this month. Read about the roller-coaster in The… Continue reading The Skirl for April 2017

Called to Live

Apart from trust in God, the world is a cemetery. Calling Lazarus from the tomb disturbed many people. John reports Jesus snorted in spirit and was deeply agitated: perhaps because Mary, like Martha, had regretted that he had not arrived soon enough to prevent Lazarus from dying, or perhaps because Lazarus was his friend and he regretted… Continue reading Called to Live

Seeing Jesus

Meeting a blind man in the New York Port Authority Terminal building formed my understanding of people with disabilities. Hundreds of people rush through this building every minute, especially during the early evening hours. As I recall that building: subways trains would continually drop off and pickup passengers on at least two levels below the… Continue reading Seeing Jesus

The First Evangelist

Are you seeking that big faucet in the sky? Are you living the rat race, at least occasionally wondering which rats are winning or if its worth even running? Are you wondering how your contributions fit into the Kingdom of God? Are making an eternal difference, helping to usher in Jesus' promised future on earth as… Continue reading The First Evangelist


When I walked out through the gates, my work stayed behind me. This was one of the great advantages of working on classified programs. The requirements of the workplace demanded that I compartmentalize my life. Work had to remain locked up inside the safe inside my office. Conversely during my time at work, my employer… Continue reading Transformations

The Skirl: March 2017

Read in this month’s edition of The Skirl: Robert’s Ramblings: A Holy Fast Kirkin' o tha Tartans photographs Weekday School doings and photos Two Fellowship Dinners! Calendar, news from the Session, book club, prayers of the people, and other interesting articles. Click on this link to get your March 2017 issue of The Skirl at the speed of… Continue reading The Skirl: March 2017