Confessing "Jesus is Lord" has implications for how we observe our daily lives. Two-thousand years ago, confessing "Jesus is Lord" was akin to committing treason, especially in a culture that regularly confessed that Caesar was Lord. Even today confessing Jesus is Lord has challenging social and political consequences.


Each and every day, and increasingly in our connected world, we leave clues that some people can read and assemble into a portrait that depicts what we deem worthy of our time. As a child might leave cookies to see if Santa had visited, many websites use digital cookies to track the pages you view.… Continue reading Witnesses

Building a Lasting House

Have you ever considered all of the expense that goes into building and maintaining a sanctuary, that part of a church building where we gather to worship on Sunday morning? A space that is difficult and expensive to heat or cool? A space that is seldom used during the week? Since the first place of… Continue reading Building a Lasting House

May’s Newsletter, The Skirl

2017-05 MAY The Skirl Get your copy of our monthly newsletter at the speed of light by clicking here! In this month's issue: Spirituality: Seeking to experience God, rather than merely learn about God. May's book club selection Donations to Alpha House for Mothers Day See photos from our Seder Dinner FREE Community BBQ and Wear… Continue reading May’s Newsletter, The Skirl

Vacation Bible School – June 2017

All Roads Lead to Rome: Paul and the Underground Church Join Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church for Vacation Bible School, each morning 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. from June 5 through June 9. Children completing grades K-5 will enjoy songs movement, sports activities, crafts, and Bible stories about Paul and the underground church.  Please complete this… Continue reading Vacation Bible School – June 2017