Life After Easter

learning to swimThe hardest part about learning to swim is learning how to breathe. New swimmers learn how to breathe while standing in water no deeper than their chests. They lay the sides of their heads on the water inhale, rotate their faces into the water and blow bubbles then rotate back to where they began to take another breath. After minutes of practice, most children and many adults can fluidly inhale, rotate, blow bubbles, then rotate back for their next breath.

Surviving a difficult week, even a typical week, requires similar skills of knowing how and when to breathe in the Holy Spirit.

Begin each day while still in bed or perhaps when your feet first hit the floor, or while sitting at breakfast by prayerfully inhaling the Holy Spirit . Then while out in the world, amid toil, temptations, and trials, blow bubbles, short breath prayers. When life is more difficult, take occasional prayer breaks, remembering that God is no further away than your next breath then sitting quietly, prayerfully inhale the Holy Spirit again and step out into the world.

And with that Jesus breathed on them and said,
“Receive the Holy Spirit.”
— John 20:22

Once you learn how to breathe spiritually, you will learn to take irksome days in stride. Your coworkers, even adversaries will ask how you keep centered.

Pastor Robert will have more to say about John 20:19-31 on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

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