August 2 – You Give

Life would be so much easier if we had a set of prayers or rituals and God would intervene in life, disrupting the conservation of matter and energy, and rescue us from life’s difficulties.

Unfortunately, wishful thinking is a matter of fantasy fiction and not to faith.

When the disciples told Jesus that the people were hungry for they had come to a deserted place to be healed and had listened to him all day:

Jesus said to them, “They need not go away; you give them something to eat.”

Matthew 14:16

Although all four Gospels tell of the feeding of the 5,000, all are silent as to how five loaves and two fish could feed so many and have baskets left over. Human desire for material salvation supposes magical intervention so that we do not have to physically and materially care for one another.

I will have more to say about Matthew 14:14-21 here after 8 a.m. on Sunday, August 2nd.
Robert Shaw, Pastor

A Tip for Parents

The first gift I received was a teddy bear from my grandmother when I was merely a day or two old. Today it sits where I see it often. Many children also have a favorite stuffed animal with whom they share their deepest thoughts.

Prayer is similar, except that God is near to us and really listens to the matters on our hearts.


By 8 AM Sunday, August 2nd, a video of this worship service will be embedded here. After that time, you will also be able to view worship on a smart-TV through YouTube by searching for Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

This Sunday we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper, to join in this sacred meal please have a piece of bread or cracker or …, juice or wine or …, and a glass for each participant in your home.

The Offering

As disciples of Jesus Christ we give so that we may dedicate the whole of our lives by sharing a portion of what we earn with others.

Although COVID-19 has forced us to curtail all in person groups, meetings, classes, …, even office hours. Yet we continue other ministries. For example: Wednesday Bible Study, Sunday school for children and the Fellowship Hour all meet via video-teleconference.

In these unusual times we deeply appreciate your giving through your bank or by clicking our Give Now button. We continue to check our mailbox regularly so you may mail your check to us.


When we again re-enter our sanctuary for in-person worship, we anticipate limiting the number of people to ensure social distancing. The following provides a test of that system.

Test Worship Service

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