Kirkin’ o’ tha Tartans

Piper and Tartans for Kirkin 2018

Put on your kilt and tam and get your tartan out of the closet. On Sunday, January 27th, we will celebrate Scottish heritage with the music of the bagpipe and a parade of tartans representing various clans who have contributed to the life of this congregation. Piping in the Tartans The tartans that we will… Continue reading Kirkin’ o’ tha Tartans

Unfinished Business

knight's helmet

A hospital chaplain decided that he could not wear a particular item of clothing because it was too risky. The item of clothing itself was not risky nor risque, for I regularly wear similar items, especially on cool mornings when I walk to the Recreation Center to swim or exercise. This particular item, a dark… Continue reading Unfinished Business

Unquenchable Fire

Baptism font reflecting stained glass window

"When you baptize her, can I be between her and the font?" the girl had asked me. On that particular Sunday three girls would join the church, one by baptism and two by confirmation of the baptism that they received as infants a dozen years earlier. The girl who wanted to be closest to the… Continue reading Unquenchable Fire

Another Way

alternate ways

What led you to become a disciple of Christ Jesus? While our Christmas pageant tells of three kings, the Gospel of Matthew calls them Magi, typically translated as wise men, but more appropriately wiseguys, for they were horoscope fanatics willing to travel for months if not years to find a sign that they could use… Continue reading Another Way

Living Thankfully

Thank you

The day after Christmas is an appropriate time to write thank you notes. Notes for unexpected gifts that we enjoy are easiest to write, for them, the word "Wow!" with a few words describing why is sufficient. With practice, one can also convey thanks for an unappreciated "gift." However, words are easy. How do you… Continue reading Living Thankfully

You Want Me?

Did Mary have a choice? The angel Gabriel appeared to her and told her that she would conceive and bear a son and name him Jesus. After a brief conversation, Mary replied to the angel's offer saying: "Here I am, a servant to the Lord; let it be with me according to your word." If… Continue reading You Want Me?

No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

Manger Scene

5:30 pm, Sunday, December 24th, 2018 Christmas Eve Come and participate in our no-audition, no-rehearsal Christmas pageant. Arrive by 5 p.m., if you want a particular part. We have costumes in a variety of sizes. Your child could be an angel, stable animal, shepherd, wise man, even Mary or Joseph. This simple worship service provides parents… Continue reading No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

Lessons and Carols

candlelight service

Our 8 pm Christmas Eve worship service traces God’s presence with us from the earliest of time to the birth of the Christ. You will hear familiar Bible readings, sing favorite Christmas hymns and carols. Our choir and soloists are preparing music that will light up your heart. As we trace God’s work in the world,… Continue reading Lessons and Carols

Nice Guys Finish Best

Saint Paul's command: "Rejoice!" at first glance fits well with the excitement, preparations, and anticipation of Christmas, except perhaps for those who will be gathering as a family with a newly empty seat at the table, for those whose future is uncertain because of cancer, or for those who have lost a home due to… Continue reading Nice Guys Finish Best

Christmas Story of Salvation

This Sunday you can hear God's story of salvation as told through Christmas carols arranged by Gustav Holst. A short reading will set the scene for each set of carols. The music will convey the grandeur of the throne room of God, Mary sweetly singing a lullaby, the uncertainty of visiting shepherds, and the joy… Continue reading Christmas Story of Salvation