Jan. 19 – Servant Leadership

Servant Leaders frequently bring controversy with them for change enthuses some people and riles others. Isaiah says that the Servant of the LORD will be deeply despised and abhorred by the nations. Thus says the LORD, the Redeemer of Israel and his Holy One, to one deeply despised, abhorred by the nations, the slave of… Continue reading Jan. 19 – Servant Leadership

Jan 12 – A Light to the Nations

hand held candles

After dozens of Christmas eve services the change in the room when we lift lit candles continues to brighten my heart. As we sing Silent Night, the ushers dim the sanctuary lights until the musicians can barely read their music. As the flame is carefully passed from one person to the next people cup their… Continue reading Jan 12 – A Light to the Nations

Jan. 26 – Silent Auction


The auction will be silent, but do tell your friends and neighbors. Peruse the items shown below that you might bid on during the luncheon following our Kirkin o tha Tartans worship service on January 26th. How this Auction Will Work Everyone will get a number on entering our Fellowship Hall.Everyone will also get a… Continue reading Jan. 26 – Silent Auction

Jan. 26 – Kirkin o tha Tartans

Tartan Bearer processional

Put on your kilt and tam and get your tartan out of the closet. On Sunday, January 26th, we will celebrate Scottish heritage with the music of the bagpipes and a parade of tartans representing various clans who have contributed to the life of this congregation. The tartans that we will parade in together represent… Continue reading Jan. 26 – Kirkin o tha Tartans

Jan. 5 – Glow with the Flow

Christmas Tree Star

The Light of Christ has come into the world! But not everyone recognizes this Light. Leaving an opening for the mission of the Church to shine the Light of Christ into the darkest corners of life. Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.Isaiah 60:1 (NRSV)… Continue reading Jan. 5 – Glow with the Flow

Dec 29 – Get the X Out of Xmas

Ancient Greeks liked to abbreviate as much as we do. For example the fish logo follows from an early acronym that in Greek spells the word for fish. Those five Greek letters, ΙΧθΥΣ, reminded believers of a brief statement of faith with those letters coming from the first letters of Greek words for: "Jesus Christ,… Continue reading Dec 29 – Get the X Out of Xmas

Dec. 24 – Lessons and Carols

hand held candles

Our 8 pm Christmas Eve worship service traces God’s presence with us from the earliest of time to the birth of the Christ. You will hear familiar Bible readings, sing favorite Christmas hymns and carols. Our choir, bell ringers, and soloists are preparingmusic that will light up your heart. Plus two special musicians will play oboe… Continue reading Dec. 24 – Lessons and Carols

Dec 24 – No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

Manger Scene

5:30 pm, Tuesday, December 24th, Christmas Eve Come and participate in our no-audition, no-rehearsal Christmas pageant. Arrive by 5 p.m., if you want a particular part. We have costumes in a variety of sizes. Your child could be an angel, stable animal, shepherd, wise man, even Mary or Joseph. This worship service provides parents with… Continue reading Dec 24 – No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

Dec 22 – Signs of Love

Fearing the consequences of a church meeting, the minister pulled off the highway into a dinner to pray for a sign. When he opened his eyes he immediately saw two signs, neither one he liked: One Way; No Exit. Fearing the enemy preparing for siege, King Ahaz, when offered a sign politely declined. Then Isaiah… Continue reading Dec 22 – Signs of Love

Dec 15 – Prepare for Joy

desert flowers

What is your desert bloom? Hot dry air sucked moisture from me almost as fast as I could drink water when we hiked in Arches National Park. Instead of trees, rock formations grew from the stones of the dry river bed that served as a trail. Yet in a shadow in a curve of the… Continue reading Dec 15 – Prepare for Joy