August 30 – Bless and Do Not Curse

I have a problem with anti-racism. When we attempt to tear something down, to rip something from society, even something as evil as racism, unintended consequences follow. It is like cutting out a Stage 4 cancer; adjacent organs are harmed in the process. The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Romans, proposed a more… Continue reading August 30 – Bless and Do Not Curse

August 23 – One Body

Being a faithful community is at best difficult. Paul told the Church in Rome that to do so they needed to live sacrificially, counter-culturally, and humbly. So we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another.Romans 12:5 The current pandemic provides an object lesson on the merits… Continue reading August 23 – One Body

August 28 – Church Family and Community Drive-Thru BBQ

BBQ chicken

From 5 PM to 7 PM, on Friday, August 28th our church will host a FREE DRIVE-THRU BBQ for anyone in our community. This event is hosted by the TTPC Fellowship Committee and is FREE for anyone to enjoy a FREE take-home meal of BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, string beans, cookies, and water and for… Continue reading August 28 – Church Family and Community Drive-Thru BBQ

August 16 – Reconciliation

Joseph's reunion with his brothers as told in Genesis 45 appears to be a story of forgiveness and reconciliation. In this story what is not said is critical to their future. True reconciliation has three parts: (1) recognition and admission of harm, (2) genuine repentance, a desire to behave differently in the future to prevent further harm,… Continue reading August 16 – Reconciliation

August 9 – Shameless

When we baptize people we expect them or their parents to do some amazing things: Turn from sin and renounce evil in the world; Turn to Christ Jesus and trust in his grace and love; Be Christ's faithful disciple obeying his word and showing his love; and Live the Christian faith. For an individual Christian,… Continue reading August 9 – Shameless

August 2 – You Give


Life would be so much easier if we had a set of prayers or rituals and God would intervene in life, disrupting the conservation of matter and energy, and rescue us from life's difficulties. Unfortunately, wishful thinking is a matter of fantasy fiction and not to faith. When the disciples told Jesus that the people… Continue reading August 2 – You Give

July 26 – Just a Grain

Weed from lawn

This spring I have been pulling a woody weed from my yard. It seems to pop out of the ground bearing seeds ready to spread its next generation. Within in a week it grows taller than the grass around it helping its seeds spread far and wide, interrupting our otherwise neat and green lawn. In… Continue reading July 26 – Just a Grain

July 19 – Divine Dreams

Where do you expect to find God? I suspect many people come to church to experience God's presence. Over time as more people experience God in the same place, those places become revered. Conversely there are places where people do not expect to find God: empty wilderness, the belly of a fish, hanging between criminals.… Continue reading July 19 – Divine Dreams

July 12 – Scatter Beyond the Edges

What an extravagant waste! The farmer threw seeds beyond the edges of his field. Beyond where he would gently cover seeds with a thin layer of soil, protecting them from birds. Beyond where he had removed all of the weeds. Or was this extravagance actually good stewardship? Would a few extra seeds around the edges… Continue reading July 12 – Scatter Beyond the Edges

July 5 – In God We Trust

By original: w:Second Continental Congress; reproduction: William Stone - numerous, Public Domain,

When have you had to trust God for success? Two hundred forty-four years ago merely a third of the people in thirteen small colonies desired to separate from England. Another third actively sought to strengthen their union with the English. The remaining third did not care. Those who sought independence called upon the Creator. We… Continue reading July 5 – In God We Trust