Believing Is Seeing God

I often want to thank people for inviting me to visit them in the hospital or when a family member has died. For during these times of crises, when families invite me into those times of spiritual richness, I get to experience the presence of God. I often leave such experiences praising God, thinking that those few minutes were why I had become a pastor.

Pordenone, trasfigurazione breraPeter had a more glorious meeting with God when Jesus had invited him to a mountain top where Jesus had a conversation with Moses and Elijah about his upcoming exodus which he would accomplish from a lonely hill top near Jerusalem.

Peter said to Jesus, “Master, it is good for us to be here;
let us make three dwellings, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah”
— Luke 9:33 (NRSV).

When have you experienced God in your life?

Bring your dinner to our discussion of Luke 9:28-36 at 6 pm on Wednesday, February 3rd. I will have more to say about this passage during worship on Sunday, February 7th.
— Robert Shaw, Pastor

About Robert

Pastor Robert Shaw did not enter the ordained ministry until his third career. Prior to entering the ministry he taught Physics at Nuclear Power School and the served as the Reactor Controls Officer on a US Navy Submarine. He also worked as a Systems Engineer designing, integrating and evaluating Sonar and laser systems.