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Things we are doing in Jesus’s name.

Follow Christ’s Lead This Advent Season

Magi with MangerEvery year, society expects us to celebrate the holiday season even bigger and better than years before. This year, coming together to reclaim Advent and Christmas can be both humbling and fulfilling. As we excitedly await the birth of Christ, it’s important to remember the reason for the season: the newborn Servant of All.

With Christ at the center of this holiday season, we can follow in his example of servant leadership by serving our brothers and sisters in faith. Through the Christmas Joy Offering, we are able to support those in our community and give them the gift of hope.

Funds from the Christmas Joy Offering help the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions provide critical financial assistance to eligible workers in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and their families, and to qualifying retired church workers and their families.

The Christmas Joy Offering also supports the education and development of our future leaders at Presbyterian-related racial ethnic schools and colleges. These schools are dedicated to creating opportunities and environments for racial ethnic students built on a foundation of Christian values. The Offering benefits Menaul School and Presbyterian Pan American School, two secondary schools that ready students for a path of higher learning, as well as Stillman College, where graduates are prepared for lives of leadership and service.

By giving to the Christmas Joy Offering, we can share in the hope of Christ and celebrate his leadership by providing support to our church workers, racial ethnic young people, and their families.

Please give generously by:

  • Using a Christmas Joy Offering envelope
  • Texting JOY to 20222 to give $10
  • Making a gift online through the Presbyterian Mission Agency

Parenting Workshop: Who’s in Charge?

Promoting Personal Power and Preventing Power Struggles

Personal power is all about inner strength and the ability to get our needs met in appropriate ways. But we are not born with this ability, and parents must create an environment where children learn to use their personal power in a positive way. Come meet other parents in your area while you learn about techniques for reducing power struggles and positive parenting strategies to help your child learn healthy personal power.

This workshop will be taught by Noelina Alvarez, MA, RMHCI, a family counselor withThornwell: Building Tomorrow's Families Today.

6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Thursday, September 28,
at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church

Please register so we know how many chairs to set up.

I would like childcare for my children during this workshop.

Child's Name Age/DOB Allergies? Potty Trained?

Statement Condemning Violence and Racism

Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church condemns violence and supports all efforts to end racism and promote justice and peace.

James 2:9 tells us, “If you favor some people over others, you are committing a sin. You are guilty of breaking the law.” If we truly have faith in Jesus we will not treat some people better than others, but we will strive to love one another equally through the love of Jesus Christ.

Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church works toward building inclusive, caring communities. We condemn all forms of violence, particularly violence that tears at the fabric of God’s beloved community. The rhetoric of the “alt right” has no place in a civilized society that is built on principles of equality and God-given human rights. We condemn the racially motivated violence of white supremacy and the resurgence of neo-Nazism, with its bigotry and assumptions of privilege.

We urge all people to find ways to bridge the issues that divide Americans rather than widening the gap of distrust and misunderstanding. We support our brothers and sisters who are standing up for justice and peace. We encourage everyone to be steadfast and immovable in the fight against discrimination, prejudice and hatred.

We lift our prayers to God, and pray particularly for those immediately impacted by violence.

Adopted by the Session, August 20th, 2017.

Adapted from “Statement Condemning Racially-motivated Violence in Charlottesville” by Presbyterian Women, Inc.

Who Are Our Neighbors


Discussions and responses on the demographic survey “Who are Our Neighbors” uncovered three major themes. See below for the demographic data presented in this survey.

Survey responses focused on continuing and expanding programs:

  • Outreach and engagement with our geographic community by shared meals, pantry assistance, fellowship, and collaboration on these with congregations near us, and with groups already connected to us (scouts, self-help groups, Weekday School families.)
  • Christian Education for all ages to include older adults, singles, widows/ers, teens and tweens. Learning opportunities for life skills such as budgeting, employment, parenting.
  • These descriptive terms came up in responses: listen, inviting, encourage, thoughtful, kindness, which seem to indicate a desire to engage with our neighbors rather than simply message them with outreach.

In light of this the Transitional Ministry Team seeks to find within our congregation the increased levels of skills and support for these endeavors.

Demographic Data


Over the next five years the population within the study area is expected to grow from 37,292 to 37,946 at an average change rate of 0.4% per year. The racial-ethnic mixture of the study area is not anticipated to change.

Age Trends

The average age of all people living in the study area is 36.7 years old, five years younger than the state average, 41.7 years. This difference is expected to continue due to projected increases among those 35 – 54 years old and their children paralleling increases among those over 65 years of age, ~0.4%/year.


The average household in the study area has an annual income of $56,900 while the 78 TTPC households within the study area average $84,800.

Study Area Household Annual Income (outer) versus TTPC households (inner)

Marital Status

Adults in our community are less likely to marry than the state average.


Educational attainment had been rising among our neighbors, but is likely to decline over the next few years. These levels are higher than for all of Florida.

Education attainment by neighbors (outer) versus TTPC members and participants (inner)


People in the Study Area are much more likely to be employed as Office Administration or a Professional Specialty than the state average. Other occupations are about the state average or well below the state average.

For Tweens

Summer Nights Words and Deeds

Movies, service, sharing,challenges, and FUN

Fridays July 7, 14, 21, 28 6:30-9 PM

Register with Susan or call the church office 813-988-3514

We will explore how God’s Word influences our daily actions.  Each Summer Night will focus on different words from the Bible that ask us to contribute to God’s kingdom here on earth.  This theme will run throughout the evening’s activities in discussion, games, videos, and service activities. Children will be sent home with a challenge to continue good deeds throughout the week.

May’s Newsletter, The Skirl

2017-05 MAY The Skirl

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In this month’s issue:

  • Spirituality: Seeking to experience God, rather than merely learn about God.
  • May’s book club selection
  • Donations to Alpha House for Mothers Day
  • See photos from our Seder Dinner
  • FREE Community BBQ and Wear It & Share It
  • Music Students Scholarship Fundraiser Luncheon
  • See our new members from Confirmation Class
  • Our congregation’s calendar.

The Skirl for April 2017

BagpipperGet your copy of our monthly newsletter at the speed of light by clicking here!

In this month’s issue:

  • Spirituality: Seeking to experience God, rather than merely learn about God.
  • April book club selection
  • One Great Hour of Sharing goal
  • See what is hatching at our Weekday School this month.
  • Read about the roller-coaster in The Rose of Calvary our Easter Cantata.
  • Tax Relief Luncheon.
  • Which fruit of the Spirit did we run out of this month?
  • Our congregation’s calendar.