Committed to Bible Reading – Monday

I keep your word close, in my heart,
so that I won’t sin against you.
(Psalm 119:9)

Opening our Bible and reading its contents grounds us, helping us remember who we are and to whom we belong. We have been created in God’s image, and, in Christ, we have received an inheritance as a child of God. By coming to grips with our identity, we are able to act accordingly. The choices we make, whether it be for sin or for righteousness, are a reflection of our self-understanding. Are we “lousy sinners” or “those in whom Christ dwells”?

The psalmist instructs us: by taking God’s words as they are found in Scripture and placing them at the center of our being—our heart—we are enabled to avoid wrong behavior and sinful action. When we read our Bible daily, we internalize what we encounter. Through familiarity with the narrative accounts, the commandments, and the wisdom sayings, we are empowered to live righteous and holy lives before God.

The Bible places us on solid ground.

Father, may your word saturate my thoughts,
so that the story of Scripture permeates my life in such a way that I live blamelessly. Amen

From Committed to Christ: Tweets, Posts, and Prayers by Ben Simpson, Copyright © 2012 by Abingdon Press. Used by permission.