Committed to Prayer – Sermon Intro

I would like to thank my son for breaking the antenna on my car. I do not blame him for he was only 5 at the time and had little appreciation of his strength nor how fragile that slender rod was. I that car the antenna automatically extended whenever I turned on the radio/tape player then, in its broken state, would flap against the exterior of the car. Thus from the day it was broken until it was fixed I kept the radio off and the antenna safely stowed away.

I thank my son for breaking that antenna for it gave me half an hour twice a day while commuting to and from seminary in silence for prayer. Previously I would have used those minutes listening to the news or talk radio. Now it was just me and God. Frequently I would sing, not popular songs, but hymns, usually “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.

After several months, we had that antenna replaced. But I still keep the radio off. Beginning and ending my workday with prayer continues to help me keep focused on my calling in God’s Kingdom.

On that day Deborah and Barak son of Abinoam sang this song:
“When the princes in Israel take the lead,
when the people willingly offer themselves—
praise the Lord! — Judges 5:1-2 (NIV)

I will have more to say about this passage on Sunday, October 18th, at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

Yours in Christ,
Robert Shaw, Pastor