Committed to Witness – Thursday

So, my child, draw your strength from the grace that is in Christ Jesus.
Take the things you heard me say in front of many other witnesses
and pass them on to faithful people who are also capable of teaching others.

(1 Timothy 2:1-2)

Disciples of Jesus are called to a great task. We are to take those things we have learned from faithful pastors and teachers and pass them along to others. We are to witness to Christ and the trustworthiness of his way of life, and to instruct others how they too can follow as his disciples.

It may be that the primary setting for the witnessing task may be at home. You may have a spouse who does not believe. If your children are young, you are called to instruct them patiently in the ways of the Lord. If your children are older, do not despair, but love them as Christ loved you. Pray for them. Serve them. Speak to them of your hope when you have opportunity.

Others may have the gift of evangelism and may be naturally inclined to steer conversations with new friends and old acquaintances toward faith. Even if you don’t have that gift, you can be an evangelist. Whether it be to our close connections or loose ties, we are called to witness.

Father in Heaven, give me the skills to faithfully witness to Christ
through word and deed. Amen.

From Committed to Christ: Tweets, Posts, and Prayers by Ben Simpson, Copyright © 2012 by Abingdon Press. Used by permission.