Committed to Witness – Tuesday

Whenever anyone asks you to speak of your hope, be ready to defend it.
(1 Peter 3:15b)

Witnessing to Jesus is a two-fold task and includes inviting others to the life of discipleship and answering the doubts, questions, and difficulties that those inside and outside the church have concerning Christianity. As Alister McGrath writes, “Evangelism could be said to be like offering someone bread. Apologetics would then be about persuading people there is bread to be had and it is good to eat.”

When we are asked concerning our hope, First Peter instructs us to “be ready to defend it.” We are to seek answers actively that address the questions our world is asking, and to respond in thoughtful, reasonable ways.

You may feel ill-equipped to witness to others. But let me encourage you: If you desire to grow in knowledge of the Christian faith, there are resources to help you, foremost among them the presence of the Holy Spirit. Ask God to guide you into the presence of others who can train you to articulate what Christians believe and why, so that when you are asked concerning your hope in Christ, you can provide an answer that gives him glory and honor.

Lord Jesus, my hope rests in you.
Equip me to answer questions in a reasonable and intelligent manner. Amen.

From Committed to Christ: Tweets, Posts, and Prayers by Ben Simpson, Copyright © 2012 by Abingdon Press. Used by permission.