Communion as Love

Who is your BFF?

The discipline of texting, cramming one’s thoughts into 140 characters or less, has added some interesting abbreviations to our vocabulary. BFF (best friends forever) might be a useful translation of the word Greek word φίλους.

The usual translation of φίλους as ‘friend’ neglects that this word has its root in a verb for ‘love.’ Social media has further diluted the concept of ‘friend’ as we may have dozens if not hundreds of ‘friends’ on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, some of whom we have not met IRL (in real life) nor are we likely to meet them, much less consider anything close to a BFF whom we could rely on in a crisis.

The intent of φίλους in the Gospel of John is much closer to Aristotle’s definition: “a friend is another self.”

How might thinking of God as your BFF or “another self” help you appreciate your connection to Christ and to the Church?

I will have more to say about John 15:9-17 at 8:15 AM and 10 AM, on Sunday, May 6th at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

A Tip for Parents

What rules does your family observe?

One rule I recall from my childhood was: No TV until all of our homework was completed. This often resulted in my younger siblings having first choice on after school programs as I had more homework than they did. Thus this rule did not sit well with me. But looking back on that rule, now I see it as a tool that taught me good study and work habits that have helped me through the rest of my years.

John the Elder had this to say about rules:

We show our love for God by obeying his commandments,
and they are not hard to follow.
— 1 John 5:3 (CEV)

Music this Sunday

John Ferguson’s Concertato: “Gift of Finest Wheat,” an adaptation of “You Satisfy the Hungry Heart” by Robert Kreutz, will lead you to appreciate our celebration of the Lord’s Supper this Sunday. Your heart may wish to join the choir on the refrain. The “finest wheat” and “bread of Life” alludes to the bread we break in the Lord’s Supper, a gift that satisfies the “hungry heart” with “heavenly food.”