Community BBQ, May 2019

Members ready to serve lunch
Community BBQ (taken May 2019)

On Friday, MAY 24th we will be hosting our FIRST of 3 community BBQ’s of this year. This event is hosted jointly by the Faith Links (Evangelism) and Fellowship Committees and is FREE for anyone in the community to enjoy a meal of BBQ Chicken, hotdogs, baked beans and salads along with desserts and for them to experience the warm and inviting hospitality of Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church and its members.

We are again looking for volunteers to help with this annual event by offering up their time to greet and serve people, donate food or to help with the expenses associated with this endeavor.

At past events, we have served over 130 very hungry and appreciative people which make for a very rewarding feeling at the end of the evening. So if you would like to help out in any way, please sign-up below or contact Mary Tisdale or Fred Crakow for further information.

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