You may have dined al fresco, but have you eaten al desko?

Dining al fresco means to enjoy a meal in the open air, perhaps as at a picnic or a sidewalk cafe. My favorite memory of dining al fresco was at a roadside picnic table beside a babbling brook while being entertained by a curious chipmunk. I can still taste the delicious wraps we had made then ate under the shade of towering trees.

Computer, coffee, cookieI have also eaten al desko on many occasions, none of them memorable. Typically I rarely remember even the act of eating, and much less what I ate, as my mind is too focused on the reason for working rapidly at my desk to meet a deadline while shoveling food into my mouth. Too often the results of eating al desko are indigestion and a less than optimal product. Alas eating al desko is not a new phenomenon, even if it is a relatively new term.

because so many people were coming and going that [Jesus and his disicples] did not even have a chance to eat,

Fortunately Jesus had compassion on his disciples and took them away to a solitary place for rest. Alas the crowds anticipated their destination and arrived ahead of them and again Jesus had compassion.

How will you have compassion with those around you?

I will have more to say about Mark 6:30-34 on Sunday, July 22nd, at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

Music Notes

Franz Peter Schubert wrote his second mass at the tender age of 18. This composition features a soprano, tenor, and bass canon, “Benedictus”. Perhaps Schubert had featured the soprano part thinking of a soprano he had met the previous year.

This Sunday we will be treated to this canon through the expert voices of Ashely, Kavan, and George Gillespie.

Sung in Latin, the words translate to: “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

A Tip for Parents

Do you remember singing:

I am the church.
You are the church.
We are the church together.

This Sunday I will have the children help me build a church together choosing some “building blocks” from among the congregation.