Credit Check

Some people think of church as a store where they can acquire faith, or at least the trappings of faith: marriage, baptism, prayers during crises, funerals.

Instead believers come to church week after week because they have recognized God, the giver of faith, acting in through their lives every day! We come to say thank you and to hear stories of how other people have experienced God in their lives, affirming our experiences.

Credit CardsBelievers come not to be justified, but because have seen the justifier at work in us. We know that God has checked our credit, how well we have obeyed the law, and found too many deficiencies to even list, yet has blessed us as righteous through our trust in Christ Jesus.

For this reason justification depends on faith,
in order that the promise may rest on grace
and be guaranteed to all Abraham’s descendants,
– Romans 4:16

I will have more to say about Romans 4:13-25 and God’s gift of faith on Sunday, June 11th at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.
Robert Shaw, Pastor