Director of Christian Education

Do you have a passion for connecting people with Christ through education? Then apply for this position.

Position Description

Position Title:Director of Christian Education
Purpose:To promote and inspire Christian discipleship and spiritual growth within our congregation through intergenerational congregation and community outreach programs.
Exempt:This is a part time position exempt from minimum wage and maximum hours. It is currently 15 hours a week.
Date of Document:February 17, 2020
Accountability:Accountable to Pastor-Head of Staff and the Congregation of Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church (TTPC) through the Session and its Christian Education committee as well as the Staff Personnel Committee.
Qualifications:Demonstrated experience/training in Christian education at all age levels.
Demonstrated acceptance of the tenets of the Reformed Theological tradition of this church.
Demonstrated computer literacy and social media skills.
Demonstrated ability to communicate verbally and in writing.
Demonstrated creativity and organizational skills to implement programs that serve our congregation and community.
Applicants will be required to pass a background screening.
Primary Responsibilities:Help people to grow in their faith and develop Christian character to handle the experiences of daily life.
Coordinate with the Christian Education Committee planning for Christian Education programs and curriculum.
Develop and implement outreach programs to connect students and their families from Temple Terrace Presbyterian Weekday School and community.
Recruit, train and motivate volunteers for Christian education programs.
Additional Responsibilities:Actively promote programs and activities in the community using social media and participation and presentations at community events.
Engage in continuing education to improve professional skills.
Evaluation:Performance reviews conducted according to this position description and reviewed jointly by the Christian Education Committee and the Pastor.

Point of Contact

Send resume with a cover letter explaining your training/experience that for the desired qualifications to Rev. Robert Shaw, who will share your response with the Personnel Committee.