Expect Joy

“Occasional sun breaks,” was my favorite weather forecast from when we lived in Seattle. The Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges frequently trapped clouds and rain over Puget Sound and the city, thus the usual forecast would be “overcast.” A much better forecast would be “partly sunny,” meaning overcast much of the day with long periods of sunshine. “Occasional sun breaks” fell between those two.

Isaiah’s 60th chapter was written to a people who had experienced “darkness covering the earth and thick darkness the people.” But from under that darkness Isaiah points to the sun breaking forth.

While the secular culture is caught up in celebrating Christmas even before it arrives, we have a period of Advent, a time to ponder the meaning of Jesus coming in the world and to consider our readiness to greet him. It is a time to point to the light that will come, even though we are in the midst of darkness, even thick darkness. While everything around us glistens and glitters, our food pantry draws many people who have no where else to turn to ensure that their family has something to eat this night.

I will have more to say about Isaiah 60:1-11 at 8:15 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, December 17th at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

Our Chancel Choir will sing “Are You Going to Bethlehem Town” at our 10:00 service.

Robert Shaw, Pastor