June 21 – Hope for Today

Drawing on my training and experiences as a nuclear engineer, I can reverse engineer and fix nearly anything. Usually I recognize when specialized training or tools will allow a technician to accomplish a repair faster and less expensively.

One day a technician taught me about discipleship.

Two men fixing a washing machine. Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Once when our washing machine stopped working, I quickly deduced which part had failed. If I could get to it, I could replace it.

I quickly took off the top and the case but still could not reach the broken part. So I called for a trained mechanic. Unfortunately the technician was not pleased with how I had taken the machine apart. So he carefully reinstalled everything that I had unscrewed then removed four different screws and flipped the case off.

“How would you feel if your congregation tried to do your job and preach?” he admonished me.

Actually very pleased. My greatest aspiration is that everyone might tell one person each week of their hope in Christ! My task is to create a community of learners who will inspire others to become learners, and thus spread the community of disciples of Christ Jesus.

I will have more to say about Matthew 10:24-39 here before 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 21st.
Robert Shaw, Pastor

A Tip for Parents

Perhaps the most important part of a train is the track that it runs atop. At least when a train stays on its track. The track safely guides each train to its destination. When a train leaves the track, everything gets wrecked.

When Christians carefully listen to and follow Jesus Christ, we too will be safely guided to our destination.


By 8 AM Sunday, June 21st, a video of this worship service will be embedded here. After that time, you will also be able to view worship on a smart-TV through YouTube by searching for Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

The Offering

As disciples of Jesus Christ we give so that we may dedicate the whole of our lives by sharing a portion of what we earn with others.

Although COVID-19 has forced us to curtail all in person groups, meetings, classes, …, even office hours. Yet we continue other ministries. For example: Wednesday Bible Study, Sunday school for children and the Fellowship Hour all meet via video-teleconference.

In these unusual times we deeply appreciate your giving through your bank or by clicking our Give Now button. We continue to check our mailbox regularly so you may mail your check to us.