Hymn Sing

SingersMusic Notes

On a typical Sunday we sing three hymns plus four responses. This Sunday we will sing 12 hymns —each requested by a congregation member— plus the choir will sing the benediction.

Praying with Others

Throughout July the sermon messages have related to praying with others. On July 15th Dr Ponrathi Athilingam spoke of her experience of praying with others. This Sunday everyone will have an opportunity to briefly practice intentional prayer with someone else. During the prayers of the people we will clump into triads, groups of three people, listen to each other’s concerns or joys and then pray for one another.

A Tip for Parents

The feeding of the 5,000 (John 6:5-14) happens because a boy chooses to share five small loaves of barley bread and two fish. Some people call this story the multiplication of the loaves and fishes inferring that Jesus had supernaturally caused the loaves and fish to multiply as they were distributed among the people. But a careful reading of the text shows that it does not say how everyone was fed, only that there was more than enough to go around. During the children’s time we will practice being shareful*, that is being full of sharing. This is often a difficult task for children and many adults. Yet for this story to unfold it was the generosity of a child that results in everyone having enough to eat.