Janice Owen Day


Whereas, Janice Owen has faithfully served Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church as organist, playing her piano for 50 years; and

Whereas, our entire community has benefited from her influence in the music of this congregation and many others who have lifted their voices in praise of the All Mighty God; and

Whereas, Janice Owen has endured and outlasted at least five installed pastors, six interim pastors, and two associate pastors; and

Whereas, it is fitting and appropriate that all those who worship here focus attention on the memories of the past in order to make them an important part of the present and recognize the vast and vital contributions of Janice Owen to this congregation and our community,

Now, therefore, I, George Fee, by virtue of the gratitude of a multitude of generations who have worshiped in this hallowed hall do hereby proclaim the 10th day of July in the year of our Lord Two Thousand Sixteen as

Janice Owen Day

George Fee with Janice Owen


About Robert

Pastor Robert Shaw did not enter the ordained ministry until his third career. Prior to entering the ministry he taught Physics at Nuclear Power School and the served as the Reactor Controls Officer on a US Navy Submarine. He also worked as a Systems Engineer designing, integrating and evaluating Sonar and laser systems.