Worship Services

Each week our pastor posts a teaser about the sermon for the coming Sunday. Check out his recent posts.

  • Dec. 8 – Tapestry of Light

    "Tapestry of Light" by Joseph Martin joins Celtic music with Scripture readings to convey the joy of anticipating Christmas.

  • Dec. 1 – Bringing the Light Dec. 1 - Bringing the Light

    Why do we have green leaves and red berries on our Advent wreath?

    Who all was involved in bringing the Light of Life into the world?

    Why do we light candles when we prepare for Christmas?

  • Nov. 24 – Divine Glue Nov. 24 - Divine Glue

    Affirming Jesus as Lord implies holding together opposites: The one who died with common criminals for attempting to over throw the government is King of all things in heaven and on earth. The one who created all things visible and invisible came to us as a vulnerable infant.

  • Nov. 17 – Consecration Sunday Nov. 17 - Consecration Sunday

    Once a year we estimate the portion of our income that we will set aside as thanksgiving for what God has done in our lives. The amazing part is that we will do this even before we know what the coming year will bring.

  • Nov. 10 – Give Thanks to God Nov. 10 - Give Thanks to God

    How far would you go to rescue your child? If you could, would you dare to rattle the gates of Hell?

    Since all of humanity are children of God through Adam and Eve, how far would God go to rescue?

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