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  • Oct. 20 – Heart Renewal Oct. 20 - Heart Renewal

    Have you ever known something so thoroughly that you became part of what you know? Been so immersed in something, like a fish swimming in water when it is difficult to discern exactly where the motion of fish ends and the water's current begins?

  • Sept. 29 – Rekindle the Faith Sept. 29 - Rekindle the Faith

    Throughout history the Church has survived, even flourished, despite forces piling up against its success.

    Is our present situation any worse than the situation described in the Second letter to Timothy? False teachers were upsetting people with stories of a false resurrection. Others had abandoned Christian leaders when the government imprisoned them. Even the Apostle Paul was dying in prison. By secular standards, many were ashamed to have claimed this faith.

  • Oct. 6 – Why Five? Oct. 6 - Why Five?

    Why say that a proverbial rich man had five brothers?

    In the first century parables were a well developed art form. Each word used in a parable, especially in its original language, was carefully chosen to pack meaning into the fewest number of words to facilitate memorization and repetition.

  • Sept. 22 – Shrewd Stewardship Sept. 22 - Shrewd Stewardship

    I often wonder about shrewd church advertisements. We understand the message of advertisements that show cars actually blowing the doors off of their competition. How might we advertise forgiveness of sin as release from bondage to new life? What word would you put on the heavy iron ball chained to your leg that deters you from fully engaging life? How does your faith break that chain?

  • Sept. 15 – Hide and Found Sept. 15 - Hide and Found

    What have you 'lost' of such great importance that you would have cleaned your whole house to find or traveled miles out of your way retracing your steps and then dug through the trash?

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