Worship Services

Each week our pastor posts a teaser about the sermon for the coming Sunday. Check out his recent posts.

  • April 28 – Holy Humor Sunday

    Do you know about the best prank ever?
    Just when the Devil thought that Jesus had been inescapably trapped, Resurrection happened.

  • April 21 – Who did you see?

    The joy of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, is easy to understand. Songs wish that every day could be Christmas. The grief of Good Friday, is also relatable. But the joy of Easter? Resurrection is not an everyday event. Or is it?

  • April 19 – Prayers for Good Friday Stone crucifix among trees

    On Good Friday, the day Christians remember Jesus having been betrayed, arrested, quickly tried and convicted, then crucified and buried, our sanctuary will be open from noon until 3 p.m. for anyone interested in quiet meditation and prayers. Should you be unable to come here on Friday, April 19th during these hours, we offer the following for your family or personal devotions.

  • April 18 – Maundy Thursday Faith Walk Baptism font reflecting stained glass window

    Early Christians were known as people of the Way for like a journey, Christian discipleship yields new and occasionally unexpected encounters around the next corner. This Maundy Thursday our worship service will highlight seven steps along the Way.

  • April 14 – Palms and Passion

    Only a few days separated when the crowds cheered and sang loudly and joyously as Jesus rode into Jerusalem until the religious and civic leaders had him hung on a cross to die. Our Palm/Passion Sunday compresses that emotional roller coaster into a few minutes through a parade and impressive music.

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