Worship Services

Each week our pastor posts a teaser about the sermon for the coming Sunday. Check out his recent posts.

  • Christmas Story of Salvation December 4, 2018 This Sunday you can hear God's story of salvation as told through Christmas carols arranged by Gustav Holst. A short reading will set the scene for each set of carols. The music will convey the grandeur of the throne room of God, Mary sweetly singing a lullaby, the uncertainty of visiting shepherds, and the joy of receiving the Good News of Jesus the Christ.
  • Bringing the Light November 27, 2018 Poinsettia in front of the pulpit with purple paramentWhy do we have green leaves and red berries on our Advent wreath? Who all was involved in bringing the Light of Life into the world? Why do we light candles when we prepare for Christmas?
  • Plenty of Green Grass November 13, 2018 Miracle stories are problematic. Until the middle ages, miracle stories were considered proof of God working in and through a particular person. Renaissance scholars sought explanations that aligned the text with scientific explanations of the laws of nature. Today miracle stories for many people have become barriers to faith.
  • Giving All November 6, 2018 US Flag reflecting among names on the Vietnam Memorial WallFor many years I evaded and avoided Veterans Day events. After hearing a speech by a veteran about honor and service to country, all the veterans present would be asked to stand, often by branch of service, so that those who did not serve might thank them. 
  • Already and Not Yet October 30, 2018 Candles around baptismal fontHalloween first appeared in ~1550 as a contraction of All Hallows Even. The evening before All Saints Day. The rituals we observe today may have originated in early Celtic harvest festivals that were Christianized to ease converts into the faith.
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