Worship Services

Each week our pastor posts a teaser about the sermon for the coming Sunday. Check out his recent posts.

  • Feb. 26 – Ash Wednesday

    We celebrate Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday immediately prior to our Ash Wednesday worship service which marks the beginning of Lent.

  • Feb. 23 – Seeing God Feb. 23 - Seeing God

    Have you hiked up a mountain, or at least a tall hill? Then enjoyed the view and the experience so much that you wanted to stay?

  • Feb. 16 – Growing Disciples

    Considering the theological density of letters written by the Apostle Paul found in the New Testament, if First Corinthians is merely milk, what did he consider solid food?

  • Feb. 2 – P.U.P. Feb. 2 - P.U.P.

    When we ordain and install new elders they "promise to further the peace, unity, and purity of the church." The need for peace, unity, and purity is readily seen from the absence of any one of the three.

  • Feb. 9 – Boy Scout Sunday Feb. 9 - Boy Scout Sunday

    This Sunday we will welcome scouts from Cub Scout Pack 188 to lead us in worship.

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