July 31 – Drive-Thru BBQ

From 5 PM to 7 PM, on Friday, July 31st our church will host a FREE DRIVE-THRU BBQ for anyone in our community. This event is hosted by the TTPC Fellowship Committee and is FREE for anyone to enjoy a FREE take home meal of BBQ chicken, baked beans, chips, cookies and water and for them to experience the warm and inviting hospitality of TTPC and its members.

Due to reasons beyond our control, this community meal the Fellowship Committee chose to reschedule this meal from the previously announced date.

BBQ chicken

During this time while our church is closed to meetings during the COVID-19 social distancing rules, we hope that a FREE Drive-thru BBQ will help people stretch their food dollars and demonstrate that we are reaching out to help our church members and community. We also hope this will become a monthly event.

We welcome your support, volunteering alongside our committee members with the preparation of food, boxing up food and miscellaneous snacks with literature about our church, donating food or helping with the expenses associated with this endeavor.

At past events, we have commonly served up to 130+ very hungry and appreciative people from our community and now we are inviting our church members and family’s to join us which should give our volunteers a very rewarding feeling at the end of the evening. So if you would like to help out in any way, please use this form.

BBQ Luncheon Sign up Form

Please reserve meals for me.

Yes, I will help the TTPC Fellowship Committee by:
Coming to help serve.Donating chips, cookies, or other suitable food items.Sending a free will donation to the church office or through the Give Now Button.