Jan. 26 – Kirkin o tha Tartans

Put on your kilt and tam and get your tartan out of the closet. On Sunday, January 26th, we will celebrate Scottish heritage with the music of the bagpipes and a parade of tartans representing various clans who have contributed to the life of this congregation.

Parade of Tartans

The tartans that we will parade in together represent family divisions that have existed for centuries. Some of these families openly fought with one another. A few treacherously betrayed some clans into the hand of a common enemy. Yet this worship service demonstrates the unity found when people hear God’s word.

Four bagpipers and a drummer will lead our parade of tartans into our Sanctuary and lead us in a parade out into the world.

The first Scripture reading for this Sunday (1 Corinthians 1:10 urges us to get along with one another despite our differences (see Tip for Parents). The Gospel reading (Matthew 4:18-22) is appropriate for a parade as it tells of Jesus calling his disciples to follow him. What have you left behind to follow Jesus?

Come join us for pageantry at 10 AM on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church. No 8:15 AM worship service this Sunday.

Yours in Christ,
Robert Shaw, Pastor

Your child is unique in all the world. Yet if we focus on how we are alike (one nose, two eyes, ten fingers, two knees, …) we might find opportunities to agree with one another and overcome the things that keep us separated.



Following the Kirkin’ O tha Tartans worship service we invite everyone to join us for a Gala Potluck Luncheon and Silent Auction. We will have the kitchen ovens fired up for anything that needs to be warmed up and will serve up beverages and some of Lorena MacGregor’s Scottish Shortbread for dessert.

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