May 17 – Looking for God?

What is your image of God?

To some extent, each person holds concepts that describe the ordering principals of life that answers both: How did we get here? and How will we go forward from here? Communities of faith call these principal theology, or the study of God, the source of those principles.

Ancient of Days by William Blake
Ancient of Days by William Blake

The people of Athens had idols for many gods throughout their city. Among them the Apostle Paul found a statue dedicated to an Unknown God.

When you carefully observe our culture you may notice these false gods.

  • Self-sufficiency: The illusion of self-accomplishment while neglecting contributions from community resources such as roads, schools, security, and especially God given talents.
  • Consumerism: The illusion that owning the newest and most luxurious version will bring happiness, neglecting relationships with those near to us and especially satisfaction through forgiveness of sins and eternal life.
  • Materialism: The illusion that reality is limited to mass and energy, neglecting the spiritual connections and the thrust of history toward the Kingdom of God.

I will have more to say about Acts 17:22-31 at here by 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 17th.
Robert Shaw, Pastor

A Tip for Parents

Each Sunday I have water to pour into our baptismal font during the Assurance of Pardon as a reminder that all of our past mistakes have been washed away.

In the story of Noah’s Ark God used water to wash away all that was evil on the earth, saving many pairs of animals and the people on that ship, physically demonstrating baptism.

How does your family demonstrate grace?


By 8 AM on Sunday, May 17th, a video of this worship service will be embedded here. After that time, you will also be able to view worship on a smart-TV through YouTube by searching for Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

The Offering

As disciples of Jesus Christ we give so that we may dedicate the whole of our lives by sharing with others a portion of what we earn.

Although COVID-19 has forced us to curtail all in person groups, meetings, classes, …, even office hours. Yet we continue other ministries. For example: Wednesday Bible Study, Sunday school for children and the Fellowship Hour all meet via video-teleconference.

In these unusual times we deeply appreciate your giving through your bank or by clicking ourGive Now button. We continue to check our mailbox regularly so you may mail your check to us.