Music Fundraiser and Bar-B-Q Chicken Luncheon, May 2018

Please join the Fellowship Committee as we again fire up the grill for a luncheon of BBQ Chicken on Sunday, May 27 at 11:00 AM to help raise funds to support our music program. Members of our church choir will be providing a program of musical entertainment for your dining enjoyment. We will be serving BBQ Chicken, fresh garden salad, creamy coleslaw and baked beans. The congregation is invited to bring desserts if possible.

Your past gifts to our Music Fund have blessed this congregation with outstanding musicians. On Sunday, May 27th, as part of the Fellowship Committee’s Barbecue luncheon, our musicians will sing for their supper.

Each of these quotes could fit most of our singers. Can you match each singer on the left to the quote about her/him on the right?

A. Ashley Gillespie1. I would pay serious money to hear …
B. Cameron Troyer2. Sings lovely lullabies.
C. Chelsey Bagley3. Is that your real voice?
D. Elijah Marines4. A great torch singer in the making.
E. Kavan Gillespie5. How high can you sing?
F. Olivia Shaw6. Works magic.
G. Ricky Merenda7. Wowed the audience at TTG&CC.

Bonus Question: Who is the eighth musician who will perform at this event?

Answers will be provided during their performance after the 10 a.m. worship service on Sunday, May 27th.

Mark your calendars, invite family, friends and neighbors and sign up on the slip in your Sunday Bulletin, and place it in the offering plate. There is no cost for the BBQ luncheon, but we will be accepting free will donations to help support the Music Fund.