Palm/Passion Sunday

The 6th Sunday In Lent, March 25th

Holy week marks the last week of Lent, a time of preparation for Christ’s Resurrection, celebrated on Easter Sunday. Holy begins with Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem and concludes with Jesus’ journey to the Cross. Will you participate in the parade and experience the emotional tumult of the journey to the Cross?

A Hero’s Parade

The crowd was looking for a leader who would vanquish an enemy who had held them captive. They had expected a military solution thus provided Jesus with a parade as one would give to a conquering hero waving palm branches and placing Jesus on a donkey to ride into the city of Jerusalem.

We will begin our worship service with a parade at 9:45 AM on Palm Sunday celebrating victory over sin which has held people captive since Adam and Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden.

Palm Sunday Children’s Church will include a sensory walk through Holy Week for the children. We will highlight some of the events in Holy Week such as the ride into Jerusalem, the anointing of Jesus with expensive oils, the Last Supper, the rooster crowing, the crown of thorns and the cross. These are all memorable symbols of this most special week, told with care for our youngest Christians. Come taste, touch, smell, see and hear Holy week!

Christ’s Passion

When people realized that Jesus would not lead a military rebellion, they changed sides overnight, and sided with religious and political leaders who wanted to avoid change.

We will experience the emotional tumult through John Stainer’s oratorio “The Crucifixion” directed by Kavan Gillespie. Ricky Merenda, our tenor soloist, will musically narrate Christ’s Passion. Jesus’ words will be conveyed by baritone soloist, George Gillespie. The choir will help us understand the response of the disciples and the crowd. The congregation adds to this piece through four hymns.

Please invite your family and friends to partake of this powerful witness to Christ’s passion at 10 a.m. on March 25th at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

BBQ Picnic

Terry gillingPlease join the Fellowship Committee as we fire up the BBQ Grille for an old fashioned picnic on Palm Sunday, March 25 after Sunday’s Worship Service and Cantata. We will be serving Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Veggie Burgers, Coleslaw, Baked Beans, hot and cold drinks. The congregation is invited to bring desserts if possible.

So mark your calendars, invite friends and neighbors and sign up on the slip in your Sunday Bulletin, and place in the offering plate. There is no cost for the BBQ luncheon, but donations are gladly accepted to help support the mission of the Fellowship Committee, including Coffee Fellowship Time held after the 10:00 a.m. service weekly.