Power Up

I believe that God has laid the foundation of our lives with Christ as our cornerstone. We may reject that cornerstone, even try to pull it out, or build our lives aligned to it. Just as pulling a cornerstone from a real building may not have immediate consequences, rejecting Jesus as our spiritual cornerstone may not have immediately visible consequences in our lives. None the less a building so altered will more readily crumble and need expensive shoring up. Lives so altered will eventually suffer from moral decay and also need shoring up.

Since the earliest days buildings have been laid out from on point on the plot of land. In Jesus’ day a cornerstone would be laid and the entire structure laid out from that point. If that corner stone was not set firmly or not positioned in consideration of the landscaping the building would eventually crumble. Peter used this image of a cornerstone to chastise the Jewish leaders for rejecting Christ.

This Jesus is ‘the stone that was rejected by you, the builders;
it has become the cornerstone.’
— Acts 4:11

I will have more to say about Acts 4:5-12 at 8:15 AM and 10 AM, on Sunday April 22nd at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

Music this Sunday

John Rutter’s watery composition “The Lord is My Shepherd” draws the listener towards a meditative state with the well known 23rd Psalm. This week our choir will accompany Dr Lauren Murray on oboe under the direction of Kavan Gillespie.

A Tip for Parents

soap barWhat unique skill is your child developing? How are you helping your child to develop or unwrap that skill?

Little children, let us love,
not in word or speech, but in truth and action.
— 1 John 3:18

Just as a bar of soap must be unwrapped before it can be useful, we need to unwrap our special skills to love one another in truth and in action.