Jan. 26 – Silent Auction

The auction will be silent, but do tell your friends and neighbors.

Peruse the items shown below that you might bid on during the luncheon following our Kirkin o tha Tartans worship service on January 26th.

How this Auction Will Work

  • Everyone will get a number on entering our Fellowship Hall.
  • Everyone will also get a brochure listing all of items to bid on and, when requested, the donor. Donors may also include their contact information and website.
  • When you see an item you want, write your number and your bid on the sheet describing the item you want.
  • At the close of the auction, winning bids will be announced.
  • Pay for your winnings with cash, checks, or credit card, then take it home with you.

Proceeds from the auction will support our Capital Fund.

The most recent additions appear at the bottom. Click on an image below to enlarge.

Return often to see other treasures you might bid to purchase as we receive them.

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