Sunday, June 13 Worship Service Video Link

Click on the link below for the Sunday Worship service in Fellowship Hall.   You can follow along with the Sunday Bulletin in the email sent to you from the church. Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church Live Stream - YouTube    

Mar. 22 – Looking and Seeing

Every day we run for the office of Christian. And every day our peers judge us for how we look for the part. Consider Eliab. He looked like a future king. Even his name, which means 'God is my father', bode well for being chosen by God to be the next king of Israel. When… Continue reading Mar. 22 – Looking and Seeing

Living Thankfully

Thank you

The day after Christmas is an appropriate time to write thank you notes. Notes for unexpected gifts that we enjoy are easiest to write, for them, the word "Wow!" with a few words describing why is sufficient. With practice, one can also convey thanks for an unappreciated "gift." However, words are easy. How do you… Continue reading Living Thankfully