Who Is He?

We live in a world full of stars: sports stars entertainment stars political stars glitzy stars of sparkle season No wonder people want to portray the star of Bethlehem like a search light from above lighting a straw filled manger from which the arms of a baby reach. We want to give God dazzle greater… Continue reading Who Is He?

Expect Joy

"Occasional sun breaks," was my favorite weather forecast from when we lived in Seattle. The Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges frequently trapped clouds and rain over Puget Sound and the city, thus the usual forecast would be "overcast." A much better forecast would be "partly sunny," meaning overcast much of the day with long periods… Continue reading Expect Joy

Bring in the Light

Why do we have green leaves and red berries on our Advent wreath? Who all was involved in bringing the Light of Life into the world? Why do we light candles when we prepare for Christmas? Why do we bring Poinsettia to church? What is the story behind Christmas trees? Why do we decorate them… Continue reading Bring in the Light


Notes on Luke 1:39-45  for worship at 8:15 am and 10 am, Sunday, December 20th. An unwed teenage girl arrives at the door of an older woman and announces her pregnancy. The older woman could have responded: "What were you thinking?" Instead she beams with joy and says: "Look at what God is doing in you! I am so pleased… Continue reading Mentoring

Road Work Ahead

My favorite places to visit include the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive in Virginia and the Carolinas, the Natchez Trace in Mississippi, and Going to the Sun Road in Montana. These roads expect people to slow down and enjoy the view, they have frequent turn-outs where travelers might gaze for several minutes at the scenic vistas or… Continue reading Road Work Ahead