Nov. 3 – For All the Saints

Candles around baptismal font

Who gets to be called a Saint? For some Churches sainthood is limited to a select few. For Presbyterians, and other Reformed Churches, the roll of saints is much, much larger. The Apostle Paul addresses his letters to "those called to be saints" implying all those who trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Thus… Continue reading Nov. 3 – For All the Saints

Already and Not Yet

Candles around baptismal font

Halloween first appeared in ~1550 as a contraction of All Hallows Even. The evening before All Saints Day. The rituals we observe today may have originated in early Celtic harvest festivals that were Christianized to ease converts into the faith. The ritual observances of All Saints Day, while not as well known as Halloween, continue… Continue reading Already and Not Yet

Who Are They?

I still remember the year when I lit candles for my parents on All Saints Sunday. My father had died a few years earlier and several months had passed since my mother's death. I was fine until I picked up two candles from the basket, clutching them close together as I lit them simultaneously and… Continue reading Who Are They?