Feb. 2 – P.U.P.

Girl bowling at cricket match

When we ordain and install new elders they "promise to further the peace, unity, and purity of the church." The need for peace, unity, and purity is readily seen from the absence of any one of the three. A church focused on Unity and Purity, without Peace, can be described as fused and conflicted. Their… Continue reading Feb. 2 – P.U.P.

Sept. 29 – Rekindle the Faith

burnt log with embers

Throughout history the Church has survived, even flourished, despite forces piling up against its success. Is our present situation any worse than the situation described in the Second letter to Timothy? False teachers were upsetting people with stories of a false resurrection. Others had abandoned Christian leaders when the government imprisoned them. Even the Apostle… Continue reading Sept. 29 – Rekindle the Faith