Testing and Endurance

3-D figure hold a syringe

"Since we are faithful, why do we suffer?" Is perhaps the oldest religious question. A question that many ask even this day. Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians is likely a response to a long list of questions and complaints from disciples in a congregation that Paul had started some years earlier. While we do… Continue reading Testing and Endurance

A Divine Covenant

Person contemplating the Milkyway. Image by skeeze on Pixabay

Have you ever "cut a deal" with someone? Why do we say "cut"? Although some agreements involve splitting hairs or splitting the difference, "cutting a deal" has a much older and much more dramatic origin akin to splitting hares. When God cut a covenant with Abram God had asked Abram to cut a heifer and… Continue reading A Divine Covenant

Worship as Giving Thanks

How is the place where you live promised land? While the Promised Land refers to a particular place, God's promise of a land to live in also applies to the place where you live. Ancient Israel had wandered in the dessert for nearly 40 years after leaving Egypt where they had been harshly treated. As… Continue reading Worship as Giving Thanks

Transformed for Boldness

Monarch Butterfly freshly emerged from its cocoon

Where is God in all this? If the glory of the Lord reflects in the ministry of God's people and in the world around us, some days I have problems seeing it. And you? The people in the Old Testament believed that if they saw the face of God, they would surely die. Thus when… Continue reading Transformed for Boldness