May 24 – On a Corner

Many people think of missionaries as people who travel to the far corners of the world bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ with them. Yet, relative to Jerusalem, we are already standing on a far corner of the world. [Jesus] said to them, “Thus it is written, that the Christ should suffer and on… Continue reading May 24 – On a Corner

May 17 – Looking for God?

Ancient of Days by William Blake

What is your image of God? To some extent, each person holds concepts that describe the ordering principals of life that answers both: How did we get here? and How will we go forward from here? Communities of faith call these principal theology, or the study of God, the source of those principles. Ancient of… Continue reading May 17 – Looking for God?

May 3 – The Great Ends of the Church

Bread and Chalice

Sit, stay, and save souls. Staying Safe at Home may not be an effective evangelism tool, but it does save souls. Keeping people alive and healthy is part of the Great Ends of the Church: "the promotion of social righteousness." Thus our demonstrating care with one another is part of how we build the Church.… Continue reading May 3 – The Great Ends of the Church

April 12 – He Is Not Here!

He is not here

Church is the worst place for Christian disciples to be on Easter. Coming together demonstrates that we have not heeded the message. And not merely the message from the Center for Disease Control about gathering in large groups. Apparently we needed a global pandemic to chase Christians out of the church so that we might… Continue reading April 12 – He Is Not Here!

Sept. 15 – Hide and Found

Welcome in serval languages

What have you 'lost' of such great importance that you would have cleaned your whole house to find or traveled miles out of your way retracing your steps and then dug through the trash? Once during a soccer game a small child realized a hearing aide was no longer in one of her ears. Within… Continue reading Sept. 15 – Hide and Found

Community BBQ, May 2019

Community BBQ (taken May 2019) On Friday, MAY 24th we will be hosting our FIRST of 3 community BBQ’s of this year. This event is hosted jointly by the Faith Links (Evangelism) and Fellowship Committees and is FREE for anyone in the community to enjoy a meal of BBQ Chicken, hotdogs, baked beans and salads… Continue reading Community BBQ, May 2019

April 21 – Who did you see?

The joy of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, is easy to understand. Songs wish that every day could be Christmas. The grief of Good Friday, is also relatable. But the joy of Easter? Resurrection is not an everyday event. Or is it? Each Gospel as a slightly different ending for the first Easter Sunday morning… Continue reading April 21 – Who did you see?

April 7 – Worship Brings Change

Has God abandoned the Church? Over the past fifty years the percentage of people in the United States who identify as Christian has steadily fallen from a high of 94% in 1950 to a mere 67% in 2018. While more than 100 churches a week close, new church starts tend to keep the total number… Continue reading April 7 – Worship Brings Change

March 31 – Choosing to Worship

person at a decision point

Why do you choose to worship God? Increasingly worship is an option that even the faithful exercise from time to time. At the time of the American Revolution, a town might have more than one place of worship, but social pressures and tax law ensured that you would participate regularly in one of those congregations.… Continue reading March 31 – Choosing to Worship

Community BBQ, July 2018

Serving Community BBQ

As often as we host the Evangelism and Fellowship Community BBQ’s we never know what to expect. The weather could be good making the cooking ideal for Terry Tisdale or it can turn nasty making the chore a lot less enjoyable. Likewise we can have people lined up to eat before we are ready or… Continue reading Community BBQ, July 2018