Mar. 29 – Cabin Fever

Snow bound cabin in the woods

Are you starting to feel that this virus has you under house arrest? Are you working from home? Have all of your usual groups and meetings have been canceled or become virtual meetings? Even when out walking people avoid you, well everyone? Click here for Worship this Sunday Thank you for helping to limit the… Continue reading Mar. 29 – Cabin Fever

Mar. 22 – Looking and Seeing

Every day we run for the office of Christian. And every day our peers judge us for how we look for the part. Click here for Virtual Worship this Sunday Consider Eliab. He looked like a future king. Even his name, which means 'God is my father', bode well for being chosen by God to… Continue reading Mar. 22 – Looking and Seeing

Mar. 15 – Building Character


Worship on-line only starting this week due to COVID-19. Many people view suffering as a path to developing compassion, empathy, and character. Preparing for Worship Hymn “Do Not Turn Away the Children” Click the hymn title for the words. On that page you may click "MIDI" to hear music to sing along with. … we… Continue reading Mar. 15 – Building Character

Mar. 8 – AND

When people learn I am a physicist/engineer and a pastor, they want to know how I reconcile faith and science. Nicodemus had a similar problem. He wanted Jesus to balance demands of physical life against spiritual demands. “How can a person be born when aged?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely he cannot enter into his mother's womb… Continue reading Mar. 8 – AND

Mar. 1 – What Happened in Eden?

Because we exist, we know that Adam and Eve did not die immediately after eating the fruit from the tree of knowing of Good and Evil, as the LORD God had warned them. And the LORD God commanded the human, “You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of the tree of… Continue reading Mar. 1 – What Happened in Eden?

Oct 27 – Blind to Mercy

People normally experience a full range of colors from the darkest black to the brightest lights. Contrasts between light and dark enable us to see so we do not stumble in the dark. What if we only lived in darkness? Several caves have small colorless fish without any eyes. These fish live their whole lives… Continue reading Oct 27 – Blind to Mercy

Oct. 20 – Heart Renewal

Fish swimming inside a lightbulb

Have you ever known something so thoroughly that you became part of what you know? Been so immersed in something, like a fish swimming in water when it is difficult to discern exactly where the motion of fish ends and the water's current begins? The prophet Jeremiah perceived a day when: No longer shall they… Continue reading Oct. 20 – Heart Renewal

Oct. 6 – Why Five?

Toes with faces

Why say that a proverbial rich man had five brothers? In the first century parables were a well developed art form. Each word used in a parable, especially in its original language, was carefully chosen to pack meaning into the fewest number of words to facilitate memorization and repetition. The parable of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke… Continue reading Oct. 6 – Why Five?

Forgive Yourself

Sometimes forgiving other people is easier than forgiving ourselves. Jesus told a parable about a young man who ran off with his inheritance, even before his father had died. When he runs out of money, he longs to eat the scraps given to the pigs. His pride got in the way of reconciling with his… Continue reading Forgive Yourself

Forgiving Enemies

Do you know why Jonah was swallowed by a whale? Or what happened to Jonah after the whale spat him back onto dry land? You may have learned at an early age that God had told Jonah to preach to Nineveh, an evil and violent enemy of Israel. Instead Jonah went the opposite direction, and… Continue reading Forgiving Enemies