A Divine Covenant

Person contemplating the Milkyway. Image by skeeze on Pixabay

Have you ever "cut a deal" with someone? Why do we say "cut"? Although some agreements involve splitting hairs or splitting the difference, "cutting a deal" has a much older and much more dramatic origin akin to splitting hares. When God cut a covenant with Abram God had asked Abram to cut a heifer and… Continue reading A Divine Covenant

Renamed for Service

Has your name ever changed? Or at least what people called you? Perhaps you had a nickname that only your closest friends knew. For much of my life my family, friends, and co-workers called me Bob. It was a name I had once preferred and responded to. But when I was hired by a small… Continue reading Renamed for Service

Working for God

Have you ever gotten a project off to what you had assessed was a good start only to discover a major problem and that addressing that problem would require scrapping nearly everything you had done and starting over? This is the essence of the story of Noah and the flood. A few chapters earlier God… Continue reading Working for God

Prayer as Comminication

Talking to God is widely accepted as normal. As a pastor I am regularly asked to pray in public giving thanks for the food and beseeching God on behalf of those present for better tomorrows. Even listening to God is also generally acceptable. Many people, Christians and others, are practicing some form of regular silent… Continue reading Prayer as Comminication