Jan. 19 – Servant Leadership

Servant Leaders frequently bring controversy with them for change enthuses some people and riles others. Isaiah says that the Servant of the LORD will be deeply despised and abhorred by the nations. Thus says the LORD, the Redeemer of Israel and his Holy One, to one deeply despised, abhorred by the nations, the slave of… Continue reading Jan. 19 – Servant Leadership

Jan 12 – A Light to the Nations

hand held candles

After dozens of Christmas eve services the change in the room when we lift lit candles continues to brighten my heart. As we sing Silent Night, the ushers dim the sanctuary lights until the musicians can barely read their music. As the flame is carefully passed from one person to the next people cup their… Continue reading Jan 12 – A Light to the Nations

Jan. 5 – Glow with the Flow

Christmas Tree Star

The Light of Christ has come into the world! But not everyone recognizes this Light. Leaving an opening for the mission of the Church to shine the Light of Christ into the darkest corners of life. Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.Isaiah 60:1 (NRSV)… Continue reading Jan. 5 – Glow with the Flow

Dec 22 – Signs of Love

Fearing the consequences of a church meeting, the minister pulled off the highway into a dinner to pray for a sign. When he opened his eyes he immediately saw two signs, neither one he liked: One Way; No Exit. Fearing the enemy preparing for siege, King Ahaz, when offered a sign politely declined. Then Isaiah… Continue reading Dec 22 – Signs of Love

Dec 15 – Prepare for Joy

desert flowers

What is your desert bloom? Hot dry air sucked moisture from me almost as fast as I could drink water when we hiked in Arches National Park. Instead of trees, rock formations grew from the stones of the dry river bed that served as a trail. Yet in a shadow in a curve of the… Continue reading Dec 15 – Prepare for Joy

Nov. 17 – Consecration Sunday

Offering Plate

Once a year we estimate the portion of our income that we will set aside as thanksgiving for what God has done in our lives. The amazing part is that we will do this even before we know what the coming year will bring. We do this because we know that God loved us first.… Continue reading Nov. 17 – Consecration Sunday

April 7 – Worship Brings Change

Has God abandoned the Church? Over the past fifty years the percentage of people in the United States who identify as Christian has steadily fallen from a high of 94% in 1950 to a mere 67% in 2018. While more than 100 churches a week close, new church starts tend to keep the total number… Continue reading April 7 – Worship Brings Change

Unfinished Business

knight's helmet

A hospital chaplain decided that he could not wear a particular item of clothing because it was too risky. The item of clothing itself was not risky nor risque, for I regularly wear similar items, especially on cool mornings when I walk to the Recreation Center to swim or exercise. This particular item, a dark… Continue reading Unfinished Business

Already and Not Yet

Candles around baptismal font

Halloween first appeared in ~1550 as a contraction of All Hallows Even. The evening before All Saints Day. The rituals we observe today may have originated in early Celtic harvest festivals that were Christianized to ease converts into the faith. The ritual observances of All Saints Day, while not as well known as Halloween, continue… Continue reading Already and Not Yet

Seeing the LORD

I am not worried about the long term future of the Church. It has been perverted and used by various people throughout history and it continues to survive after thousands of years. On the other hand, the short term prognosis for this congregation, for the Presbyterian Church, and for the entire Church of Jesus Christ… Continue reading Seeing the LORD