May 10 – Peace that Passes Understanding

face with a compass erased of eyes, nose, and mouth

Do you feel a little disoriented? Those grieve losing what was once familiar and normal often feel lost, numb, unmotivated. Perhaps Jesus disciples felt that way when he had told them: "Where I am going you cannot come." If that was not enough, he attempted to explain his relationship with the Father and with the… Continue reading May 10 – Peace that Passes Understanding

April 19 – Knock, Knock

Jesus knocking at a door

An alert reader will find subtle humor throughout the Bible. Unfortunately humor relies on culture specific memes, and Biblical humor was written for a culture a long time ago and a place far away. My favorite joke in the Bible comes when Jesus tells a scribe: "You are not far from the Kingdom of God."… Continue reading April 19 – Knock, Knock

April 10 – Prayers for Good Friday

Stone crucifix among trees

These prayers and readings may help you reflect on the day that Jesus was betrayed, arrested, quickly tried and convicted, then crucified and buried. Welcome The ancients called this day “Triumph of the Cross” reminding us to gather not to mourn this day, but to celebrate Christ's life-giving passion and thus find strength and hope… Continue reading April 10 – Prayers for Good Friday

Mar. 8 – AND

When people learn I am a physicist/engineer and a pastor, they want to know how I reconcile faith and science. Nicodemus had a similar problem. He wanted Jesus to balance demands of physical life against spiritual demands. “How can a person be born when aged?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely he cannot enter into his mother's womb… Continue reading Mar. 8 – AND

April 28 – Holy Humor Sunday

Do you know about the best prank ever?Just when the Devil thought that Jesus had been inescapably trapped, Resurrection happened. This Sunday you will sing new words to familiar tunes that will fill your heart with joy. Many pastors challenge themselves to find one relevant joke for each sermon. This Sunday my goal is to… Continue reading April 28 – Holy Humor Sunday

April 21 – Who did you see?

The joy of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, is easy to understand. Songs wish that every day could be Christmas. The grief of Good Friday, is also relatable. But the joy of Easter? Resurrection is not an everyday event. Or is it? Each Gospel as a slightly different ending for the first Easter Sunday morning… Continue reading April 21 – Who did you see?

Plenty of Green Grass

Miracle stories are problematic. Until the middle ages, miracle stories were considered proof of God working in and through a particular person. Renaissance scholars sought explanations that aligned the text with scientific explanations of the laws of nature. Today miracle stories for many people have become barriers to faith. In this week's Gospel lesson Jesus feeds… Continue reading Plenty of Green Grass

Show Us the Spirit

Wear something red for Pentecost, the birthday of the Church. The day when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples as flames. Sermon Notes for Pentecost, May 20, 2018 For two thousand years Jesus has been on trial. The Bible even lays out the strongest evidence against him. Pentecost refutes those claims. At the start… Continue reading Show Us the Spirit

Communion as Love

Who is your BFF? The discipline of texting, cramming one's thoughts into 140 characters or less, has added some interesting abbreviations to our vocabulary. BFF (best friends forever) might be a useful translation of the word Greek word φίλους. The usual translation of φίλους as 'friend' neglects that this word has its root in a verb… Continue reading Communion as Love