Sunday, March 28 Worship Service, Palm Sunday

Click on the link below for the Sunday Worship service in Fellowship Hall.   You can follow along with the Sunday Bulletin in the email sent to you from the church. Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church Live Stream - YouTube  

May 24 – On a Corner

Many people think of missionaries as people who travel to the far corners of the world bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ with them. Yet, relative to Jerusalem, we are already standing on a far corner of the world. [Jesus] said to them, “Thus it is written, that the Christ should suffer and on… Continue reading May 24 – On a Corner

April 26 – Recognizing Jesus

Are you having a harder time staying focused? Disorientation caused by this pandemic and "Staying Safe at Home" can readily lead to being so wrapped up in our own thoughts we can miss the writing on the wall, even miss Jesus walking beside us. "Not seeing the writing on wall" became more than a metaphor… Continue reading April 26 – Recognizing Jesus

Nov. 3 – For All the Saints

Candles around baptismal font

Who gets to be called a Saint? For some Churches sainthood is limited to a select few. For Presbyterians, and other Reformed Churches, the roll of saints is much, much larger. The Apostle Paul addresses his letters to "those called to be saints" implying all those who trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Thus… Continue reading Nov. 3 – For All the Saints

Oct 27 – Blind to Mercy

People normally experience a full range of colors from the darkest black to the brightest lights. Contrasts between light and dark enable us to see so we do not stumble in the dark. What if we only lived in darkness? Several caves have small colorless fish without any eyes. These fish live their whole lives… Continue reading Oct 27 – Blind to Mercy

Oct. 6 – Why Five?

Toes with faces

Why say that a proverbial rich man had five brothers? In the first century parables were a well developed art form. Each word used in a parable, especially in its original language, was carefully chosen to pack meaning into the fewest number of words to facilitate memorization and repetition. The parable of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke… Continue reading Oct. 6 – Why Five?

Sept. 29 – Rekindle the Faith

burnt log with embers

Throughout history the Church has survived, even flourished, despite forces piling up against its success. Is our present situation any worse than the situation described in the Second letter to Timothy? False teachers were upsetting people with stories of a false resurrection. Others had abandoned Christian leaders when the government imprisoned them. Even the Apostle… Continue reading Sept. 29 – Rekindle the Faith

Sept. 15 – Hide and Found

Welcome in serval languages

What have you 'lost' of such great importance that you would have cleaned your whole house to find or traveled miles out of your way retracing your steps and then dug through the trash? Once during a soccer game a small child realized a hearing aide was no longer in one of her ears. Within… Continue reading Sept. 15 – Hide and Found

Sept. 8 – Christ Over All

one outside the crowd

I admire those who carefully weigh becoming a member of a particular congregation. However church membership is a small, even trivial, decision when compared with the cost of discipleship under Jesus Christ. Prospective members often ask if they will be expected to tithe, give ten percent of their income. Like many television evangelists I soften… Continue reading Sept. 8 – Christ Over All

Sept. 1 – Table Stories

chalice, bread, and trays on the communion table

An unusual assortment of people gather around communion tables: those who are very rich and those deeply in debt; circuit court judges and felons, even murderers; nuclear physicists and poets; academics and drop outs. People from every corner of the world. We believe that through this sacrament or holy mystery that the table in any… Continue reading Sept. 1 – Table Stories