Giving All

US Flag reflecting among names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall

For many years I evaded and avoided Veterans Day events. After hearing a speech by a veteran about honor and service to country, all the veterans present would be asked to stand, often by branch of service, so that those who did not serve might thank them.  These events often make me feel that my… Continue reading Giving All


You may have dined al fresco, but have you eaten al desko? Dining al fresco means to enjoy a meal in the open air, perhaps as at a picnic or a sidewalk cafe. My favorite memory of dining al fresco was at a roadside picnic table beside a babbling brook while being entertained by a curious… Continue reading Compassion

Divine Dependence Day

This week we celebrate our independence from external governments. Yet this Sunday, like any other day we proclaim our dependence on Jesus as our Lord and Savior. The sixth chapter of Mark's Gospel describes two scenes related understanding Jesus as Lord. In the first scene Jesus returns to his hometown and attempts to teach and… Continue reading Divine Dependence Day

Wait, This Person Is Important

Each Sunday during worship I incorporate prayer requests into the prayers of the people. Very rarely is the person who we pray for physically in the room with us. It is much easier to pray for someone, than with someone. Jesus was much more into praying with people. This week's lesson (Mark 5:21-43) includes two… Continue reading Wait, This Person Is Important

Sabbath Keeping

"Please silence your phone as we prepare for worship," the liturgist reminds the congregation each Sunday. We hope that for the next hour we might focus on God. But my phone is my connection for ministry. And you?  I had the privilege of participating in a Navajo Blessing Way. As part of that ceremony we placed… Continue reading Sabbath Keeping

Easter Surprise

God provided the greatest April Fools surprise! Jesus was dead. He had hung on a cross for hours. Soldiers had poked a spear into his side. His friends had placed him in a tomb and rolled a stone to seal it. Pilate had placed a guard at the tomb so no one could steal his… Continue reading Easter Surprise

Committed to Service – Friday

“Whoever wants to be great among you will be your servant.” (Mark 10:43) This saying of Jesus might be the most counterintuitive statement ever uttered, and it continues to turn the world upside down. Jesus says that true greatness is found among those who are willing to humble themselves and serve. This statement goes against every… Continue reading Committed to Service – Friday

Committed to Giving – Wednesday

Offering Plate

Jesus called his disciples to him and said, “I assure you that this poor widow has put in more than everyone who’s been putting money in the treasury.” (Mark 12:43) There is an unfortunate myth that prevails among many Christian people that the only gifts that can truly make a difference are those that are… Continue reading Committed to Giving – Wednesday

Committed to Christ – Sunday

“Come, follow me.” (Mark 1:17) Knowingly or not, all of us follow someone. We can do so with great intention and care, or we can do so haphazardly, stumbling from here to there but nevertheless moving in a general direction. We identify those persons whom we most desire to emulate, and we make our decisions… Continue reading Committed to Christ – Sunday